Ko-Sa Beach Resort

02 October 2020

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In 2019 In Ko-Sa Beach Resort, in cooperation with the agribusiness department of UCC (University of Cape Coast) led by Dr. Alexander Nuer, started a project known as Ko-Green-UCC. This project is an initiative taken by Ko-Sa Beach Resort to promote its organic backyard farming, to serve its guests fresh, healthy fruits and vegetables, in line with their eco-friendly mission. Because of the cooperation with UCC, students were involved and helped with trying to make the farm successful.

Unfortunately, due to the Covid-19 pandemic it is currently not possible for the students to participate in this project. As soon as the students can they will continue their efforts for the organic garden as this is also part of their curriculum and also a lot of fun! In the meantime, Ko-Sa has continued the project, as we very much believe in our social ecological responsibilities and serving our guests the freshest and healthiest products. As you can see, nothing is impossible under the sun! The directors and staff have dedicated their time and love to making this beautiful farm a success, allowing us to serve our guests fresh fruits and veggies from our own ground! Farm to fork!

Dr. ir. Alexander Nuer - Agric business expert | Lecturer, Department of Agricultural Economics and Extension, UCC

The ko-Green UCC project seeks to combine ‘the act of doing good’ with practical on the field testing of agri-business students ideas in a prototype ecosystem. Ko-Sa Beach Resort thus is a great partner that the agri-business unit at UCC is happy to be associated with.

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