Ampenyi is a fishing community situated between Elmina and Dutch Komenda in the central region of Ghana. The main occupation of the inhabitants is fishing. They go fishing all days of the week, except for Tuesdays. On the east, Ampenyi is bounded by a lagoon. The lagoon is also fished on, except for on Wednesdays.

In the lagoon, the fishermen fish for tilapia and oysters. The lagoon is also very useful for salt production. Ampenyi has a population of about 4000 including children and adults. Since access to good education has been a priority in the world, there is a nursery, primary and junior high school in the community. These are attended by about 800 children in total.

Welcome to Ampenyi Village

Within Ampenyi a selection of religions are practiced. For which there are also churches; Catholic, Methodist, Twelve Apostle, Apostolic, Musama Disco Christo, Pentecost, AME Zion and the church of Christ. There is also a mosque for the Muslims.

In 1997 Ampenyi was nominated as Pan African Festival (Panafest) Village by the board of Panafest. Ghana Tourist Board awarded Ampenyi beach as the nicest beach in Ghana on 2003.

If you want to do a tour of the village, We will arrange for you a guide to take you on an exciting tour to the village of Ampenyi. They will inform you about the history of Ampenyi, you get the chance to meet the fishermen of Ampenyi and will get an idea on their general way of living. A visit to the chief is also possible.

If you would like to go on a village tour, please let us know. We will get in touch with a local guide.