Ampenyi Health Center

Ko-Sa Beach Resort

19 July 2020

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Ko-Sa Beach Resort is strongly connected to the local village, Ampenyi. Most of our staff is from the village, or currently located there. We value the wellness of the locals. Up until 2019 the village was not in possession of a maternity ward, which meant that all pregnant women going into delivery had to go to either Komenda or Elmina to have their babies. Especially in the circumstance of a difficult delivery this often led to problems. We felt the need to do something about this.

In 2019 we searched for solutions. Together with the Ghana Health Service, the Chief and elders of Ampenyi, we discussed the possibilities. Eventually, it was decided that an empty school building would be transformed into a maternity ward. As Ko-Sa felt strongly about the need for this facility we decided to fully fund the transformation of the school building to a functional maternity ward. The maternity ward is not managed by Ko-Sa but was turned over to the inhabitants of Ampenyi in 2019. To this day the maternity ward is fully functional and in-use.

Ampenyi Health Center

Since the maternity ward is up and running, Ko-Sa now aspires to take the next step together and transform it into a complete health center rather than solely a maternity ward. Together with the Ampenyi health committee and the Ghana Health Service we want to raise funds to transform the maternity ward into the Ampenyi Health Center.

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  • ko-sa beach had been very supportive to the health facility that had been providing health services to the people of the community and the neighbouring communities. since the introduction of the maternity wards to the health facility,it has brought a lot of positive impact the our pregnant women and our nursing mothers.

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