Bead Village

Ko-Sa Beach Resort

17 August 2020

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BeadsTime to experience some local craftsmanship! Are you into jewelry or have you been wanting to learn the craft of bead making? At Ko-Sa Beach Resort we have our own in-house local bead maker. Kwadjo is an experienced bead artist who will take you on a bead making journey.He will show and teach you the process while providing some historical background for the bead making art.

The first step in the process will be to break the glass you want to make your bead out of, after which it will be melted. Once the glass has set in a mold and gotten the wanted shape you will be able to make your own necklace or bracelet to take home!

Are you interested in taking part in experiencing this craft on our own beach? Let us know! Cost for the workshop and materials is GHS 30.00 per person.

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Meet the Beads man

Thanks to Nina Pieters for this wonderful video showing the Beads Village at Ko-Sa, Enjoy watching !! Meet Kwadjo “the bead man” as he shares his life and work experience with the world. A man who has been part of the eco system in transforming waste glass bottles into beautiful beads bought and used by many visiting Ko-Sa Beach Resort.