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Ko-Sa School Fund

Education is very important all over the world. It can make a difference in the life of people when you have a change to get education. Ghana is doing well compared to other African countries when you look at the percentages of children that go to school. The only question then is the level of education the children get...

School Abbey

Between Cape Coast and Elmina there is a small fishing community. The income is coming from smoking fish and sell this inland. Most of the people living in this community are originally from the Volta region. In this community there was no school for young children. Abbey, one of the members of this community had done some thatch roofing work at Ko-Sa.

Sea Turtles

Ampenyi is a small fishing community and most of the inhabitants are depending on the income from fishing. Already for centuries they catch besides fish from time to time sea turtles in their nets. When they catch the turtle they eat it. In 2015 we did get know to the Wildseas Conservation Ghana. The Wildseas Conservation Ghana is working together with the Wildlife Division of Ghana. They already have a huge experience in protecting sea turtles.