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We are Nol and Annelies, both born in the Netherlands. We have travelled around the world and seen many places. We remember when we arrived the first time on the continent Africa. It felt like coming home. We always had the dream to start our own hotel. Before we discovered the beautiful continent Africa we almost had bought a campsite in the south of France. In 2006 we came to Ghana to have a look at Ko-Sa Beach Resort and to get a feeling of Ghana, we immediately felt in love with the location of Ko-Sa Beach Resort.

We believe that Ko-Sa is situated on a beautiful beach with the opportunity for many interesting tours. In 2007 we came to Ghana and started to build up Ko-Sa Beach Resort. Our dream is to make Ko-Sa Beach Resort a place where our guests feel like home, enjoy great food and drink fresh made cocktails. Ko-Sa Beach Resort is located close to a small fishing village, most of our staff members are born in this village. Besides running a commercial business we are also socially and environmentally involved in the local community. You can read more about this under projects.

We have a fantastic team at Ko-Sa Beach Resort who will ensure that your stay at Ko-Sa will be enjoyable and will make you feel to come back.